Dating iron nails

Briefly, a date nail is a nail with the date stamped in its head. For example, a nail with a “41” is from Date nails were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine props, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes. I concentrate primarily on the nails used by railroads. Most date nails are steel, though many are copper, aluminum, malleable iron, or brass. The nail heads can be round, square, diamond, pentagon, as well as other rarer shapes. Over 2, different date nails were used by North American railroads which show the year.

Dating furniture by screws

The use of nails and screws can give an indication of the age of joinery or its fittings and provides a useful insight into a building’s history. Hand-Forged Nails Nails were among the first metal objects made by mankind, indispensable or such everyday items as doors and roof coverings, shoes, buckets and barrels. Early nails were usually square in section and the earliest were individually forged by hand from iron.

The head of the nail was formed either by simply turning it over to form an L-shape or by striking a hand-held mould or ‘bore’ over the end of the shank to produce a shaped end such as a ‘rose-head’, a simple four sided pyramid shape. However, being hand-forged, the variety of shapes and forms are infinite.

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DIY techniques: Removing old nail and screw fixings

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For thousands of years, the traditional hand-forged nail was square and tapered, These nails fairly accurately date furniture to the ‘s, although it is worth.

The parts of the nail are the head, shank or shaft, point, and the gripper marks — slight grooves incised into the shank near the head of most but not all varieties of nails. The nail functions by displacing wood fibers when it is pounded into the workpiece, and the pressure exerted against the shaft by the displaced wood provides the holding power. Nails are sometimes referred to by their length in inches, but more often the traditional terminology of the penny is used.

Dating from the days when nails cost a lot more than they do today, the term penny identifies the size of a nail. The pricing structure has long since been abandoned today, nails are sold by the pound , but the nomenclature of the penny survives. Wire nails are indeed the rule today, but not all wire nails are the same. They vary in size and in other ways as well.

Various nails are manufactured for specific purposes, with differently proportioned and shaped heads and shafts.

Nail (fastener)

The stylistic techniques used to date formal furniture such as Chippendale and Hepplewhite simply does not work for American country and primitive furniture. Country furniture does have its styles based predominately on religion and region. The catholic French and the Irish built cupboards with bold moldings, cut out feet, raised panels and they painted their cupboards in bright colors.

Nails and Screws: Beautiful and Well-Designed Simplicity shade roller pins, pole marking and dating (!) nails, barbed berry box nails, and egg case fasteners​.

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Notwithstanding the alarmingly long list appearing below, the fastenings used to secure craft ranging from the sewn boat through to the steamship can be divided into two main categories, the metallic and organic forms. These in turn can then be distilled into surprisingly few major subsections. Organic fastenings can be divided into ligatures i. Interior of Plains Indian hide boat, showing a “lashed” frame.

Clifton man arrested for throwing wired balls of nails and screws in Nutley streets

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Looking at antique furniture, we often seek clues for authenticity and age. There are many factors that show true historic construction, but one clue that is often overlooked is the type of nail used to hold the piece together. Nails in antique furniture are often barely noticeable, but they are another key to unlock the history of wooden pieces. The quest for the ideal nail has taken centuries of development.

The ancient Egyptians and Romans used organic glue for wood furniture, especially with decorative veneer techniques, but like much advanced technology, glue for wood became a lost art after the collapse of Rome in until the Renaissance, around , when glue and veneer techniques reappeared. During the Middle Ages, furniture was held together with pegs, dovetails, mortise and tenon joints and a few nails. Archaeologists have found hand made bronze nails from as far back as BC.

The Romans made many of their nails from iron, which was harder, but many ancient iron nails have rusted away since. The hand-forged nail changed little until well into the ‘s. For thousands of years, the traditional hand-forged nail was square and tapered, with a hammered head attached by the blacksmith.

Dating nails and screws

If you are trying to determine the age of a piece of American antique furniture , it will require investigative work. Look closely at the the different elements that make the piece of furniture. Examine the level of work that went into the furniture from the joinery, finishing, knobs, and more. Study the materials used from the wood, fabric, and screws.

If you take all these factors into consideration, you may be able to figure out on your own if have an antique or a machine-made reproduction.

Using Nails to Date a Site – Wrought Nails, Cut Nails and Others. Nails are a fantastic way to determine the age of a site you plan to metal detect. This guide can.

In woodworking and construction , a nail is a small object made of metal or wood, called a tree nail or “trunnel” which is used as a fastener , as a peg to hang something, or sometimes as a decoration. Nails are made in a great variety of forms for specialized purposes. The most common is a wire nail. Other types of nails include pins , tacks , brads , spikes , and cleats. Nails are typically driven into the workpiece by a hammer or pneumatic nail gun. A nail holds materials together by friction in the axial direction and shear strength laterally.

The point of the nail is also sometimes bent over or clinched after driving to prevent pulling out. The first nails were made of wrought iron. The Romans made extensive use of nails. The Roman army, for example, left behind seven tons of nails when it evacuated the fortress of Inchtuthil in Perthshire in the United Kingdom in 86 to 87 CE. The term “penny”, as it refers to nails, probably originated in medieval England to describe the price of a hundred nails. Nails themselves were sufficiently valuable and standardized to be used as an informal medium of exchange.

Date Nails

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Wood, Screws, & Nails (Hard Hats Book 1) – Kindle edition by Boehme, Kade, Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited; Publication Date: January 19,

Only the head and the point were forged, so these nails, which were common from the 17th to the early 19th century, can be distinguished from earlier ones by the sharp regular profile of the cut section. Machine-Cut Nails The first machined nails were flat and headless. From these were produced from rolled sections of plate iron, cut into strips of the same width as the length of the nail. The strip was then placed under a powerful guillotine which cut off a single nail on an angle.

Then the sheet was turned over and the next was cut. As a result these nails taper to a point on two sides only, producing a square point see illustration , and are easily distinguished from earlier cut nails.

Ships Fastenings

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Fasteners and fastening systems have evolved steadily over time. Nails, as a means of fastening wooden objects, date back to approximately BC in ancient Egypt. Around , cut nails square nails were made from wrought iron. Screws, on the other hand, date back to 3 rd Century BC in Greece. By the 1 st Century BC, screws were commonly used throughout the Mediterranean area in screw presses in the processing of olive oil and grapes.

The spiral thread has proven over time to be an effective means to provide the force needed in order to perform specific tasks. Just as nails were originally made by hand, screws were likewise made by hand for use in the assembly of materials to form a secure attachment of one piece to another. Originally, there were no standards to guide the making of the screw.

Nail Vectors

When dating a piece of antique furniture, one of the most important clues to its history is often overlooked. A nail may not be a noticeable style feature, but looking at them carefully can help you authenticate the age of a primitive or antique furniture piece before you buy. Like restorers of historical buildings, you can identify the period by the technology used to create the nails and unlock the past of furniture. Until the 18th century, nail production methods had not changed for hundreds of years.

In the video above, historian Willie Graham tells us about historic nails and screws, and explains to us how they can help us to write the timeline.

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The Best Way to Cut Screws : Nails, Screws & Wall Hangings